My Legal Marketplace

Consumer Survey

This survey will be used to determine consumer behaviour when buying legal services so we can validate assumptions made in development. The result of this survey will only be used for this purpose. Any issues or questions relating to this survey should be directed to This survey is for UK consumers only.

Q3. Have you ever bought legal services? (ie instructed a lawyer)

Q4. When buying personal legal services which factors are most important to you in relation to the law firm? (personal legal services are those bought as an individual rather than as a business e.g. family, residential conveyancing, etc)

Q6. If you could buy legal services by comparing price on a website - would this be beneficial to you?

Q8. Which of the following would you use to assess the reputation of a law firm?

Q10. Would the law firm supporting any of the following causes positively affect your buying decision for legal services with that firm?

Feel free to keep updated on our progress by following our LinkedIn company page here or Twitter here. We expect to launch in late Summer 2022.