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With a few clicks we provide users the ability to easily compare between different law firms or legal service providers. With open pricing comparison and customer feedback on firms' legal services we empower people and small businesses to get the best legal services.

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What makes us different

We make it easy for consumers to assess the cost of legal services and empower people to find the right service for them.

Too often consumer legal services are seen as difficult to access and a huge majority never consider getting legal services – despite having legal-related issues. We aim to make it easy for consumers to find the legal services they need in a simple transparent way.

By creating an account with us you’re able to search through legal service product listings and reach out to those law firms or alternative legal service providers that offer those services. The fixed fee or range price listed gives you an idea of the cost of those services instantly without having to wait for a series of quotes.

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My Legal Marketplace was started with a vision. A vision that consumers could simply and easily compare legal services - and instantly make buying decisions without the need to wait for a quote.

We live in a fast-moving world where everything is available in a mouse click or touch of a screen. We felt legal services should be no different. Why should people not be able to compare legal services in an easy and simple way? This sits at the heart of what we're about - we want to make it easy for consumers in their time of need. We can connect you with the right lawyer for you - instantly.

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If you have a question, some feedback or generally want to let us know how we can improve our offering then feel free to contact us!

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